Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank You Dr. Sexson

I have to say thank you to you Dr. Sexson because sometimes as a senior I walk into lower division classes thinking that there is nothing new that I can learn. Whoops, I got set right and I wish I had taken this class earlier because now I am looking back on the things I have read and find that everything I have ever learned connects to this class. I don't need to say it because I've beat it to death, oh what the hell, all that is the past possesses the present. I didn't put phrase in quotation that time though, because I've made it mine. I've made my own connections now and the phrase is mine, not all mine, but mine. Everyone who has taken this class is truly blessed.... and cursed, it makes sense. Now everything I read I'm going to have to listen to Dr. Sexson saying, "now do you see the connection?" And therefore Dr. Sexson will live on forever, in the eternities, and now I will always be reading the eternities. Thank You Sir for a wonderful and entertaining semester.

P.S. Sorry I didn't post any pictures my computer is still acting funky.

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