Thursday, April 16, 2009

God I Love Love.....UH

Get it? It's not that Psyche fell in love with "someone" if you will, but she fell in love with being in love. "Just getcha some!!!!!!"(Pat at Conlin's). (Sorry I have a bunch of people who are always messing with me at work. But I refuse to erase it.) Anyway, this idea of falling in love with love is not an oddity even in today's society. Have you ever met someone who can't be alone, who always has to be dating someone? But we can't knock these people: to love is beautiful and to be loved is just as beautiful if not more beautiful and warming. As doctor Sexson spoke of, then of course Cupid's meddling mother had to stick her nose in the middle of this fight and try and tear the two lovers apart, sound familiar? Most everyone knows this story, my mom tries very hard to decide who I will and will not date and she usually does a pretty good job. Sometimes though I would just prefer she do something else. So what have I said? Nothing really, I guess I've just been thinking about what we've been reading, which is kind of the idea, right?

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