Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just an Ass with a Pen

This subject is something that I want to go more in depth on in my paper but I don't have enough room so I'll take the opportunity right now to explore this idea of meta fiction more in depth. Lucious is very much conscious of the fact that he is writing a story within a story. Evan as an ass, ha: "Here I must give a close description of the cave and its immediate surroundings. This will be a test of my literary powers and at the same time allow you to judge whether or not I was an ass as regards my ability to size up a situation" (Golden Ass 78). So Lucious is obviously aware that there is going to be a reader reading this story within a story; that later becomes a story within a story that has a story within a story within a story. In other words a story within many frames of a main story frame. Lucious alludes to frames within frames on page 79 which to me is very funny, because he uses words like pen and frames. Oh what the hell, I'll just quote it: "...built of wattles fastened on a timber frame. The lower storey was extended on all four sides into a roomy pen for stolen sheep"(Golden Ass 79). I just found this quote peculiar because it contains so many literary terms.

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