Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finding Links All the Time

I was recently doing a research project for my English 440 class, which is a study in Scandinavian Literature. When I came across this author who as we can see has told us what we already know: That we are not original so post your papers online, I promise nobody's going to rip them off and make a bunch of money off it so get over yourself. But here we see Eeva-Liisa Manner (a Finnish poet) putting into question several of the things or topic I and many others talked about in their papers. Here is a qoute from her as well as a poem, enjoy:

“The war years shadowed my youth. I was seventeen when the Russian planes started bombarding my home town of Wiborg on 30 November, 1939, damaging it badly. At armistice, Wiborg had to be yielded, it remained behind the border- an endless source of nostalgia for one who had a catlike, preserving fondness for homestead. Even as a ten-year-old, I had spine-chilling dreams about the destruction of Wiborg, and from those times onwards I have been haunted by reflections about the nature and mystery of time. I believe we have a false conception of time; everything has already happened some-where in an unknown dimension. Intuitively I knew it quite early, even as a child I was a Spinozistic determinist. Now that quantum physics has revolutionized our world picture, such a belief- in fact it is an experience- may appear hopelessly old-fashioned, but inevitably there are fractures in determinism, just as there are ossifications in irrationalism, in its conception of time.

‘I do not believe in coincidence, at most, in the sum of chances.
Even a dream, a vision, an apparition will materialize
doesn’t it prove that what happens
has in fact happened already?
That the future tense is the present tense and the present, the past tense?
That we have stuffed time into too tight a box?
Time does not flow, is not consecutive, but
all time is around us?
We live in a falsely co-ordinated space’”(Eeva-Liisa Manner)

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  1. Thank you, Brian for sharing Eeva's quotes and poetry. I belive that time is a false conception yet, somehow we never seem to have enogh of it.