Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do the Twist?

The question was asked of us by professor Sexson to pick of a time period in history in which we would like to travel back to because of the music of that particular time. I'm sure time travel of itself is enough of a quandary. However, in considering this question of time travel I looked to my dog (Steve) for an answer(oddly enough I usually look to Steve for most of my answers). What I got from him was a remarkable revelation. Every other Saturday I do a radio show for KGLT, but when I leave the house I turn the station on so that Steve can hear my show, and he loves to listen. I realized that I play music from all different time periods. So to answer the question, I realized that we can already travel back in time because we can listen to any music from any era that preceded us. If we should not read the times but instead the eternities, then we should listen to the eternities as well. "All that is past possesses our present" (Theme of the class from our syllabus.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Street Fight Anyone?

When we discuss Antigone between men and women sometimes we envision the bringing-out of brass-knuckles, but combine youth and age with this battle royal and you better be packin' full riot gear. The other day at my work two of my co-workers got into a fight, let me set the scene: The woman (we shall call her Sally) is sixty-one years old and the man(we shall call him Dick) is thirty (even though he looks older) got in an argument about talking to each others customers; mind you I work in a commissioned sales environment, wow, can you see the picture I'm painting for you? If you can't envision this, then trust me this painting is just short of a man and women standing together with a pitch-fork. The screaming from the two could be heard from across the 35,000 square-foot showroom, this went over well with the customers shopping for a nice relaxing recliner; nothing like kickin' your feet up and listening to a nice soothing shouting match, aaahhh. They circled back and forth in the break room teeth and claws draw. I hastily ran for the hills, abandoning all hope of making any sort of sale in exchange for getting out with my life still intact. The blood and guts were soon mopped up and apologies handed out. WHEW

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a Bundyful life in the Neighborhood

I'm sorry I haven't had the opportunity to do much blogging lately. I recently had a friend die in an avalanche and so I have been dealing with that the last few days, but I will start posting some blogs with more regularity here shortly. However, the other day we were talking about the arguments that occur between men and women; I can't help but to think about the show Married With Children and how the show is an exaggerated example (for normal people, and I guess I don't have a definition of what normal is considered) of the conflicts that arise between men and women. The show also gives great example of the conflicts that can arise between youth and age.