Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Can't Stop Now!

Okay so I might be beating the whole "past possesses the present"idea to death but I can't stop now and anybody who knows me knows that my life is consumed by baseball; you name it, if it has to do with baseball I will study it. So I thought I would connect a little of baseball's past with the present for some of you, watch out you might learn something. First, the is something that was originally done that has been repeated, in 1908 the Cubs won a World Series and they haven't done it since, ha! Cubs fans. Of coarse there are similar stories so it's not completely original, I just like to take a crack at Cubs' fans every chance I get. Was it "the curse of the billy goat" or is that the Cubs are just choke artists? Every year I hear it and every year I laugh, "this is our year" really well last year the Cubs were sporting the best record in all of Major League Baseball, better than the record they acheived in 1997. The Cubs then proceided to fall to the Los Angles Dodgers, an under acheiving team that squeeked out of one of the worst division in Major League Baseball. Ouch! Cry me a river, and this year as usual the St. Louis Cardinal have grabbed the reigns of the Central Division. Wait another 100 years Cubs fans, oh and don't forget to have a "scapegoat" like Steve Bartman when you fall flat on your face again. If none of you get these references I'm tossing out there please look them up so you can laugh along side of me. Thank You, and go Cards.

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