Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back at it.

So I'm back at it and blogging my night away because I was slacking earlier in the semester, probably because I'm taking five English classes. I want to re-open the idea if it never being the worst as long as you can say "this is the worst." The other day I made the mistake of telling someone "you're the worst" when in reality she isn't the worst she may be the best, but I was continually getting frustrated with her because I couldn't convince her to see things from my perspective. Gosh I'm selfish, but we all are, maybe I should try and see things from her perspective, I will. Why is it that sometimes when people have minor conflicts they avoid talking about them and then let the small issues fester until they snowball into something larger? I don't have the answer or else I wouldn't be asking the question. Maybe someone could help me out and explain it to me.

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